Measuring your Shock Springs for proper Shock Cover sizing

Step 1 If you are interested in purchasing our Bad Horsie RC "Standard" size Shock Covers for a model that we don't currently carry, this is a perfect way of confirming the correct size.

In this picture we are measuring the Diameter of a Shock Spring with a digital caliper. Seems simple enough right? Unfortunately, some people will get the diameter measurement confused with the circumference (distance around)
Step 2 Here is the Length measurement with the digital caliper. Again, fairly self-explanitory, however, we must put emphasis on the fact that this is the measurement of the shock spring in the uncompressed state. This is extremely important as you don't want to take a measurement of the spring length while the shock is mounted on the RC vehicle where it is often semi-compressed. This is also a common mistake.
Step 3 What do you mean you don't have a digital caliper? Of course everyone doesn't own a measuring caliper so here's the "poor-man's" caliper method. Since this isn't rocket-science I can assure you that this method will get you close enough to determine what size Shock Cover you need. This won't give you a precise measurement but if your spring diameter falls closely between two different sizes of Shock Covers, this method may help. In this picture we have lightly closed the jaws of an adjustable wrench to the outside diameter.
Step 4 Now, remove the spring from the jaws of your wrench and compare the opening to a ruler. With your verified spring dimensions in hand, compare them to the sizes described in our Standard Shock Cover section. If you need help converting fractions to decimals click on the following link. This link will open in a new window and display Fraction to Inch and Metric Decimal.

Fraction Decimal Chart

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